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Our Story

We – Coach Gavin & Nikki the Dietitian – have a LOVE for fitness and nutrition. We love to inspire and motivate others by living a healthy lifestyle ourselves, as well as balancing our healthy lifestyle while traveling. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be strict; it’s about enjoying your life while doing it!

We are also both sponsored athletes of bodybuilding.com! Use codes DAVILA15 or NIKKI15 for an extra 15% off your purchase!

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Struggling with a Weight Loss Plateau?

What is the
Momentum Monitor?

A monthly accountability tracker that helps you breaks though plateaus by

  • Choosing & working on habits that YOU want to focus on
  • Tracking your progress – how many days in a month you’ve completed your habits
  • & a self-reflection tool to see how to improve next month’s habits!

Download the Momentum Monitor to break through of plateaus, stay consistent, & accomplish your goals!

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Mission Statement

We strive to teach you HOW to be healthy WHILE living your life.

Gone are the days of:

  • Weighing ourselves every day
  • Restricting carbohydrates
  • Running to lose weight
  • Trying to be PERFECT

Learning the balance of going to family dinners, catching up with friends, or eating all the croissants and crepes in Paris without any guilt..

All WHILE accomplishing your goals!

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Gavin & Nikki are busy working on future projects, such as online training programs and an online nutrition course!

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