7 Amazon Must Haves for Your Fitness Journey

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed while searching Amazon for health and fitness products to support your new fitness journey?

If you said yes, then you’re not alone!

Often times I’ve found myself scrolling on Amazon wondering what products will ACTUALLY help me hit my goals. Between reading through reviews, looking at the ratings of each product, and then suddenly finding the exact product just a few dollars cheaper, hours pass by with a million items in my cart without a purchase.

So I’ve put in the work to discuss just a few products that are VERY important to your fitness journey that you should have immediately when beginning your new lifestyle.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Body Weight Scale

A scale doesn’t show the whole picture of your progress, but it is one way to measure progress in our client’s fitness and nutrition journeys.

It is also your starting point. So whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or even focus on body composition, the scale should be a part of your journey.

I know the scale can be a scary thing for some people but it doesn’t have to be. As I tell my clients… it’s just a number, it doesn’t describe your worth. What really matters is your health and how you feel.

**If you are currently experiencing or have a history of disordered eating or any eating disorders, it’s best you avoid the scale. Speak with your primary care physician, as well as a Registered Dietitian who specializes in eating disorders, if you haven’t already. These professionals will give you the tools to heal and ultimately, improve your relationship with food.**

2. Fabric Tape Measurer

One of the most important ways to monitor your progress will be by taking body measurements. As stated above, the scale is not always the best indicator of your progress. Your weight fluctuates day by day and can even change up to 10 pounds IN ONE DAY!

Measurements tend to trend in the direction we desire as we eat the appropriate amount of calories and macros for our goals, as well as exercising regularly. A good marker to take your measurements would be every 4 weeks. 

*Side Note: If you are new to weight training or have taken off a long period of time from lifting weights, you will most likely experience body recomposition. Your weight will stay the same, however, your clothes will start to fit a little looser and your measurements will change. More to come on this topic in a future post.

3. Food Scale

It’s true what you’ve hard. Taking control of your nutrition is more important than your fitness routine. You can exercise yourself to the ground, but if you do not change your eating habits, nothing will change.

Tracking what you eat, what you drink, and your overall calorie intake will help you see what part of your dietary habits you need to alter.

Being as precise as you can when you are tracking your diet will help you achieve your goals much faster than estimating your portion sizes.

Do you always need to use a food scale?

No, but if you have never tracked your calories before or you have, but need a refresh, using a food scale will help you become accustomed to what appropriate portion sizes are.

I find the food scale to be great tool to have in the kitchen to help with recreating classic recipes or baking up my favorite cookies.

4. Resistance Bands

These resistance bands, also known as pull up assist bands, are great to incorporate into your warm up, as well as in your workout.

Specifically, we use them in our warm up videos prior to lifting. They are a great tool to warm up your muscles, which is imperative to prevent any injuries.

But they can also be used to assist our clients in performing pull ups. If your goal is to be able to do pull ups, then these bands are for you!

5. Dumbbells

If strength training if your objective and you plan on exercising from home, then dumbbells are a necessity!

The whole objective to strength training is push your body past its comfort zone and challenge your body to adapt and change during this process.

You will need a variety of weights for different exercises. For example, a beginner/intermediate lifter might need 10 lb dumbbells for bicep curls, 15 lb dumbbells for chest press, and 20 lb dumbbells for squats.

Experienced lifters may be reading this with one eyebrow raised as they need dumbbells weighing more than 20 lbs. If this is you, you’re either lifting at the gym OR you will probably be purchasing a whole rack of weights or adjustable dumbbells.

6. Adjustable Dumbbells

Let’s talk adjustable dumbbell pros and cons.


  • HUGE space savor. If you live in an apartment or a smaller home, these are for you!
  • Their shape. Great for renegade rows as the rectangular shape keeps you stable compared to round dumbbells.
  • And well the obvious, that there are multiple dumbbells in one, which is a part of the space saving feature.


  • It can sometimes be hard to switch from a weight quickly if you are following along a workout video or your sets are timed. Personally, we have dumbbells ranging up to 15 lbs and adjustable dumbbells. I like having a few smaller weights to pick up easier, rather than switching our the weights with the adjustable dumbbell.
  • If you’re working out with more than one person, it is difficult to perform weighted exercises together. The sets would have to be staggered.

When it comes down to purchasing dumbbells, it is personal preference and what fits your goals. Either or will be a great addition to your workouts.

7. The *Cushioned* Gym/Yoga Mat

Lastly, we have the gym mat.

This mat is quite possibly the MOST comfortable gym mat you will ever lay on. The amount of cushion on this mat will make you feel like you’re at a luxury gym, meanwhile, you’re probably sitting on it on your living room floor.

It’s so comfortable your pets and children will thank us.

But seriously, if you’ve ever experienced wrist pain from any movement on your hands (planks, push ups, etc.) or you sit and work at a desk all day, then this is well worth the purchase.

It also comes with a cool wall hanger to store your mat so if you have a separate room to exercise, it can create an atmosphere that is conducive to working out!

Well that’s it for now, but if you have any other suggestions as to what recommendations or topics you’d like us to talk about, let us know in the comments.

And be sure to look out for other posts with my recommendations as I talk about: At Home Workout Essentials, Supplements, Nutrition, and so on!

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